The Great Allentown Fair Concert Ticket Winners

2 tickets to see Pitbull - 8/26/14

Al Horn, Allentown

Sue Anthony, Lehighton

2 tickets to see Fresh Beat Band - 8/31/14

Amanda Merrell, Pennsburg

Donald Bloom, Allentown

2 tickets to see Hunter Hayes - 8/30/14

Tammy Suchon, Allentown

David Smith, Allentown

2 tickets to see Lady Antebellum - Take Me Downtown Tour - 8/28/14

Ryan Knappenberger, Coplay

Michael Nonnemacher, Allentown

2 tickets to see Tim McGraw - The Sundown Heaven Town Tour - 8/29/14

Trudy Henthorn, Walnutport

Frank Pearn Jr., Northampton

2 tickets to see Motley Crue - The Final Tour with very special guest Alice Cooper - 8/27/14

Robin Fleming, Bethlehem

James C. Underwood, Emmaus